Thursday, March 03, 2011

In Which The Warlock Posts More Previews...

When we set out to stack up our Origins events for this year, the WittGuild expected to bring a great showing.  However, with 9 GMs, we're now up to a whopping 39 events on the schedule!  Madness!  It's going to take me a whole 'nother blog post, just to be able to show them all off.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the descriptions on some of the entries for this coming year.  It'll definitely be a game-fest to remember!

Title:  Orcs Gone Wild
System:  D&D 4e
Sessions:  Wednesday, 7pm and Friday, 7pm
Description:  When the shaman's ancient totem is stolen by a bunch of do-gooder adventurers, it's up to the tribe's best and brightest to infiltrate Hamletshire and get it back....what? They're dead? Oh, okay. It looks like you guys will have to work instead! Players will take the role of a motley crew of orcs, goblins and kobolds as they fumble their way through Hamletshire. (A 9th level adventure for 6 players. Sense of humor recommended.)

Title:  Beneath the Tomb of Dark Lord Zexx
System:  Star Wars d20 Revised
Sessions:  Thursday, 7pm and Friday, 1pm
Description:  The planet Zexane is causing troubles again. While the stash of Sith Swords is now gone, it seems something else was buried there. Reports have come to High Command that a powerful Sith Beast is roaming the wilderness, and perhaps even in town. The last report out was signed “Zexx”, the name of the spirit vanquished in pursuit of the swords. Your team has been sent to deal with this. The group can choose to play as either a Sith Empire or Old Republic elite strike force sent to deal with these troubling developments.  New Players welcome--no experience necessary.

Title:  Excavation Extraction
System:  Deathwatch
Sessions:  Thursday, 7pm and Saturday, 7pm
Description:  A month ago, on the barren planet KooperStrum, a group of Tech-Priests discovered an important relic. They said the artifact was of such importance that they would need a group of Imperial Guards to help secure the area lest the artifact fall into the hands of the enemies of the Imperium. The Administratum agreed and dispatched a mixed Imperial Guard contingent to the site. A few days ago the Imperial Guard contingent sent an urgent request for reinforcements, as they were under sustained attack by enemy forces. The artifact is important enough that a Deathwatch Kill team is being sent into secure the relic before it falls into the hands of the enemy. You are that team.

Title:  Zombie Graveyard
System:  d20 Modern
Sessions:  Wednesday, 7pm and Friday, 7pm
Description:  You are members of an elite and supersecret anti-paranormal government squad, with a good amount of fire power. Your job is to take care of paranormal problems before they get out of hand. In this scenario you are dispatched to take care of a zombie outbreak in the local graveyard. This scenario has slightly adult themes, with tongue in cheek humor, think Porky's R movie rating.

Title:  Song of Silence
System:  CthulhuTech
Sessions:  Thursday, 7pm
Description:  Anew band is coming to town and several key members of the community are planning to attend. As members of the local security, you must locate any potential threats and quell them before the concert. This event is played on the investigator level of Cthulhutech. New players are welcome and rules will be taught.

Title:  The Plague of Man
System:  CthulhuTech
Sessions:  Saturday, 7pm
Description:  Members of scout team 1175S are requested to investigate several crash sites of migou vessels from a failed invasion mission. Scouts are to locate the source of the failure and eliminate any potential threats to future missions in the region. The game will use Cthulhutech rules. All levels of players are welcome and rules will be taught for newcomers to the system.

Title:  The Beacon's Call
System:  Deathwatch
Sessions:  Wednesday, 7pm
Description:  Recently members of the Deathwatch have received an ancient coded message deep in enemy territory. After much deliberation, it is determined that a small task force be sent to investigate. You are members of the team sent to investigate the message. Is is a trap, a trick of the warp, or is it really a distress signal? It is up to you to find the answer and hopefully return. This game is open to new members and rules will be taught.

Title:  Last Hope
System:  Deathwatch
Sessions:  Friday, 7pm
Description:  After finishing a long mission of purging a world of heretical threats, it is time to return to the long sleep and await your next mission. Unfortunately for you, the sleep must wait, as a loud rumble cracks your ship and you and your team must assemble and investigate what is happening. This game will use the Deathwatch rules set by Fantasy Flight games and Games Workshop. New players are welcome and rules will be taught.

Title:  Ninja Nuttiness--Castle Edition
System:  Ninja Nuttiness (Homebrew Board Game)
Sessions:  Friday, 1pm, Friday, 3pm, Saturday, 1pm and Saturday, 3pm
Description:  Play as one of 30 different Ninja clans attempting to topple the reign of the Shogun. Wander through the Shogun's castle in an attempt to topple the lord, but be wary of his Samurai and Ashigaru guards. Also be wary of the monks visiting the castle, as they are not to fond of those following the way of the Ninja. Don't forget that the other ninja may attack you as well if you get in their way! This game is easy to learn and rules will be taught at each session.

Look back next Wednesday for the last of our events for this year's Origins Game Fair!

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